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Thread: Powerflex 40 with Comm 22 - E card Finding the IP

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    Powerflex 40 with Comm 22 - E card Finding the IP

    Hey guys so im using the 22 comm E card to utilize ethernet. The 22 comm E card already has an IP designated to it from someone previously installing it. I understand that you can use Bootp - find the mac address and designate an IP to that adress and disable boot p to keep it. The only way i know how to find that designated IP is to ping it, IF you know the IP already... so is there a way for me to find out what IP was put into this 22 comm E card?
    im just using a patch cable from my laptop to the comm 22 - e card and it registers a connection.

    i also have my wifi shut off

    My subnet and gateway are the generic numbers used and i just used a generic IP address for my laptop

    OK guys - so i was able to PING the COMM 22- E card in question and am satisfied with that, my next issue is that i want to get RID of the IP adress, is there a way for me to reset the comm card back to the MAC Address that comes on it?
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    Good morning @gouldmx01,

    I think the best thing to do would be to reset the adapter to defaults:

    Set Parameter 17 - [Reset Module] to Reset Module.

    When you enter 1 = Reset Module, the adapter will be immediatelyreset.
    When you enter 2 = Set Defaults, the adapter will set all adapterparameters to their factory-default settings.

    After performing a SetDefaults, enter 1 = Reset Module so that the new values take effect. Thevalue of this parameter will be restored to 0 = Ready after the adapter isreset.

    From page 3-11 of https://literature.rockwellautomatio...m004_-en-p.pdf

    Good luck!

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