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Thread: 1746-NI16V Lost Configuration Settings

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    1746-NI16V Lost Configuration Settings


    Long time reader, first time poster here.

    I have a 1746-NI16V analog input card in a rack with a 5/05 that I recently upgraded from a 5/03. I have 4 channels on the card that are not working (most likely not configured), and I also have several other channels used on the card that are working and configured to take in speeds, currents, pressures, temperatures, etc.

    When I go into the advanced configuration to set up the channels, every channel is shown in its default state. In other words, none are shown as enabled, all are shown as -10 - +10 V, and all data formats are shown as Engineering Units.

    I do not want to overwrite the other channels, because I am not 100% on the ranges, values, units, etc. for all the other channels. I thought I might be able to go to the integer and/or output data tables assigned to the channels and reverse-engineer the configurations based on what was in them.

    However, they are all showing the same defaults as in the advanced configuration GUI. I don't know how this is possible, since I am sure each channel is set up slightly different than the other and also that these channels are working despite them not being shown as enabled.

    I have found a few forums in which the same question is asked, but I have not found a single answer. There is no memory module in the processor, so the program I am going online with is the program that is running.

    If the configuration properties are not stored in the configuration GUI and they are also not stored in the data tables, where would they be stored and how is it possible that any of the channels are working?

    Has anyone encountered this problem, and does anyone have any other work-arounds and/or solutions?

    Thank you.

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    Good morning @marshallsmith,

    I don't have one of these modules here in our studios, but after looking the manual I would imagine the issue is with the configuration words:
    - https://literature.rockwellautomatio...m001_-en-p.pdf

    By default, when you change and apply settings for the module in the advanced I/O config settings, the software will update an "N" file of your choosing, and then add a rung to a ladder file of your choosing to copy that N file (channel configuration) to the O file for the module.

    That said, I think your best course of action would be to open and compare both the N and O files for your Analog Card in your original 5/03 program with your new 5/05 program.

    It's very likely the data table settings in the old file are different in your new file.

    NOTE: I want to point out that the output values that configure the 1746-NI16x module can be set manually in the O file without the need use the advanced I/O configuration settings window, and without adding rungs to copy those settings from an N file to the O file.

    In fact, it's very likely that for the module to work with older versions of RSLogix 500 (prior to the advanced I/O config setting screen being added for the NI16x,) the only option users would of had initially would of been to edit the O file for the module manually.

    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor at
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